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    Bain Urbain | Yasmeen Ghauri by Sante D’Orazio

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    Numéro #32 April 2002


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  3. "LA VIE EN ROSE" by Nathaniel Goldberg for Harper’s Bazaar (Feb. 2014).

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    Leaf Greener | London

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    Imaan Hammam in Toward Classical
    Mark Borthwick for T The NY Times Style Magazine

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    Head for the hills and breathe deep, as Parisiennes swap urban elegance for country chic and we delve into Nicolas Ghesquière’s first collection for Louis Vuitton, with a full Louis Vuitton story in Vogue Paris September 2014.

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    Devon Windsor in Numéro September 2014 photographed by Billy Kidd

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    Sam Rollinson in Intimacy
    Benjamin Lennox for Interview Russia September 2014


  13. "Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment"
    — Alexander McQueen  (via blackistheonlycolor)

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    future perfect | sasha pivovarova by steven meisel for vogue italia, dec 05 

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    fei fei sun | vogue china september 2014 | by willy vanderperre