1. billykidd:

    Heather Huey was shot by Billy kidd. 

    The Book.

    Heather Huey was shot by Billy Kidd is a lyrical, sensually-charged photographic exploration of the complicity between the artist and model as both lovers and creative partners. Shot by photographer Billy Kidd, these abstract black and white images feature milliner Heather Huey obscuring her kinetic, blurred nude form with her own futuristic body cage, braid and cocoon designs. The resultant body of work obliquely invokes the spirit of Man Ray and Lee Miller while also remaining a unique statement of a time when fashion and art are more symbiotic than ever.

    Designed by Alex Wiederin.

    • 8.5” x 11.5”
    • Limited edition of 500
    • Hard Bound
    • 102 pages
    • Matte paper/Gloss over images

    The Book is now for sale online. Since the book is in such high demand and limited to only 500, we are only selling 125 online.

    (via blackmnml)

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    i think i need to go away from some things for awhile. I realize I’m broken and not the right person. my heart hurts....
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